UNSQUARE DANCE: Riffs and Reflections on Dave Brubeck

Craig Smith


UNSQUARE DANCE is a sequence of responses in poem form to compostions

in music by Dave Brubeck,the jazz giant who for more than a half century

eated a body of work that stands as one of the greatcreations in music history. 

An indefatigible composer and consumate pianist, Brubeck was also an unofficial

ambassador of world peace, one who thought that all peoples should understand

all peoples, and who recognized music as a powerful means of reaching out to the

world. Smith is a writer and editor based in Taos, New Mexico. Paintings are by

Lynda Smith, an artist based in Taos, New Mexico.



The game is afoot! To enter the pages of Proud Shoes is to encounter variations

on a lifelong obsession, one that is footloose and fancy free,

a flight into an unchartered world of untamed tongues and loosened lacesl Herein lies

history mystery  fun, fashion, fitness, fantasy, innuendo,and intrigue!


72 pages of light poetic musings with drawings, monoprints, and photographs.

"Some psychologists say the woman who collects shoes is

a frustrated traveler; others suggest that she is symbolically

seeking enlightenment."--Linda O'Keeffe.



Akiko Yosano

Translated by Dennis Maloney and Hide Oshiro


TANGLED HAIR presents selected tanka by the celebrated Japanese poet Akiko Yosano

(1878-1942). Her book Midaregami, or Tangled Hair, from which these poems are taken,

was an immediate success when it was published in 1901. Yosano infused the poems with

an erotic and imaginative passion at a time when traditional tanka poetry had grown lifeless

and conventional. Maloney is the well-known and respected editor of

White Pine Press, and Oshiro (1910-2012) was a visual artist and haiku poet. 





Dennis Maloney


These poems by Dennis Maloney, the well-known and respected editor of White Pine Press

and the authorof several volumes of poetry, are written in the voice of a contemporary hermit-poet

living in theHigashiyama region of Kyoto, Japan. Inspired by the classic  Japanese hermit poets,

the poems grapplewith the tensions bewtween engagement with and withdrawal from the world,

but do not escape thecomplications and struggles of modern existence.




Cesare Pavese

Translated by Craig Smith and Patrizia de Rachewiltz


Poet, novelist, and translator Cesare Pavese (1908-1950) was a towering figure in twentieth

century Italian letters. The poems in this bilingual edition reveal him grappling with themes

characteristicof much of his work--the unpredictablity of human relationships, the psychological

after-effects of war, the fragile balance between the need for human companionship and the

desire for solitude, and thestruggle between the will to live and the lure of death. De Rachewiltz

s an international, multi-lingualpoet and translator. Smith is awriter and editor based in Taos,

New Mexico. Ink drawingsby Lynda Smith of Taos, New Mexico.





Patrizia de Rachewiltz


For more than thirty years the international, multi-lingual poet de Rachewiltz has carried on a

correspondence with the writer and editor Craig Smith and the artist Lynda Smith. This collection

gathers for the first time many poems included in that correspondence, accompanied by

photographs by Lynda Smith. They are little illuminations in celebration of friendship.




PRECISELY THERE: A Festschrift for Ronald H. Bayes

Edited by Todd Davis, John Lawson, and Craig Smith


For more than forty years the poet Ronald H. Bayes has produced a distinguished body of work

whilementoring generations of students and inspiring colleagues and peers alike. This volume

gathers accolades  from many who have known him, worked with him, and studied with him, all

in honor of his lifelong contributions to and encouragment of the arts in America.




THE LENS & THE PEN: Photographs and Poems

Milton Rogovin


This special volume contains the only published poems by the renowned social documentary

photographer Milton Rogovin, whose work focused on working men and women in many

countriesand the conditions in which they labor and live.  He is represented in museums

and galleries around the world.







This large scrapbook-style volume celebrates the life and work of the famed

creator of literarysalons, focusing in particular on the famous center she

created in Taos, New Mexico. HereLuhan received a stream of famous

visitors, including D. H. Lawrence, Georgia O'Keeffe,

and many more.


To purchase this special book, contact the

Mabel Dodge Luhan House at 575-751-9686



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